Day 4: Smile, I texted you!

April 6th

Day 4: Today I used the power of words! There are always people on our mind, those we know we should check on, those that just had a big life event or simply those that it has been too long since you said "hi". So I decided to actually act on those thoughts, since they can't read my mind. (How much easier would life be if they could??) Every time someone popped into my head, I added their name to my list. At the end of the day I got comfy and sent out my "from the heart" messages. One was to my sister who just did a big cross-country move with her family. I know how hard all of it has been on her, wanted to make sure she knew I recognized her genuine motives and that I was here for her, anytime! Her response was one that made me feel she needed to hear those words of encouragement and support as much as I needed to tell her. There were several more messages I made an effort to send, a few "hi, how are you's", a "know I'm thinking of you" and even made a phone call to someone I know that has been having a rough go of it lately. The phone call went unanswered, which didn't surprise me. When someone is suffering from depression, it's hard for them to be present. Energy to be social is very rare. But I know they will notice the effort and it does make a difference.