Did I Just Get Called Out?!

April 2nd 2017

I was out on a first date, a little while back, and it was going well: he looked like his pictures, (those that do online dating know how risky that part can be), pretty darn cute, he was being super nice and conversation was flowing easily. All huge positives, especially for a first date. We were getting through the cliche, first date "get to know you" questions that always come up. My big AHA moment happened when he asked about my work, I answered then followed it up with "But my real passion is my Kindness Project I recently launched." He was curious to hear more. I love talking about it so I was happy to share: "It's called Here's Your Reminder Project. Our mission is to combat depression and broken relationships by inspiring everyday kindness in our everyday people." He commented that he thought it sounded like a pretty cool thing to create and do. We discussed more details about it: how I also advocate for depression and anxiety, the project works with local businesses to help create our own acts of kindness for those in need while creating attention for the business as well. Then I said "But the main goal we try to encourage is for our followers to do 1 Not-So-Random-Act-of-Kindness everyday for someone is their life, this is where the real difference is going to be made, in the actions of many." "I love it" he said. Then the next thing he asked really got the wheels in my head going and even made me blush, "What kindness did you do today?" Ummmmmmmm. . . . my mind was blank, I had nothing. I shockingly realized that I just got called out! I had to think for too long and still didn't have the answer that I should. Here I am, this director of a non-profit who sets out ideas, inspirations and promotes everyday acts of kindness for others but I didn't have a personal example to give. How embarrassing! But I'm owning up to it now. Sure, I'm nice to others and do nice things but that doesn't count, not really, not for this. This conversation stuck with me, it really bothered me. I gave myself a hard time for days. I was determined that this wasn't going to happen again. I decided there needed to be some accountability, I needed and wanted to be a better example. So here it is, as a result of getting called out and my embarrassment: 100 Days of Intentional Kindness - #ReminderChallange was formed. 

It's said it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. But that's not what we're doing, we're trying to create a good habit, a new lifestyle. 100 seemed like a nice round number and enough time to make an impact. At least, I hope so! I want to make a splash with this, grab everyone's attention, but even more importantly, get them involved. I can lead but without others, true change is not going to happen. I created HYR to help prevent others from feeling the despair of a deep depression and the self torture that goes along with it. Make relationships stronger where support can come easier. So change is what I want. That is what many, many people need. 

To you, ya you! The one reading this, follow along with me (Susie) and HYR, on our social media, website and our events, for the next 100 days and see our progress. Use our examples for yourself and create your own. I would love it if you share some of your acts of kindness with us and the reactions that went along with them. The more we have to inspire the better! Plus, seeing yours will help keep me motivated. I put all this out there but never really know if it's really making a difference, much less being read. The main thing to remember is kindness doesn't have to be this big, flashy action, it can be small and simple. Just needs to be heartfelt. There is truth to the line "It's the small things in life" Only rule is it needs to be unexpected. If your "chore" is to take the trash out and that's something you already do every night, then no, that doesn't count. But good for you for being useful :) 

I'm excited to see what I come up with, especially towards the end of the 100 days. I know there will be days that I'll struggle through, but I need that push. And you will too! I'm looking forward to seeing the affects it has, not only on my loved ones, but on me.