ReminderChallenge Day 1 & Day 2

April 5, 2017

First off, I have to admit, having the #ReminderChallange on my mind these last few days, has given me a giddy feeling, been enjoying the extra positivity on my mind. It's there for a couple reasons: 1) It's fun thinking of who and how I'm going to surprise someone I care about with an act of kindness. I have also caught myself paying more attention to the people in my life, rather than only my own all about me thoughts. I'm naturally paying more attention to find inspiration of ways to help or to notice those who may need a love boost. The truth is, people will let you know what they need, you just need to open all your senses: eyes, ears, and most importantly, your gut. Because, most likely, they won't tell you directly or with specifics but they will with small mentions or comments (sometimes it can across as nagging or passive aggressive), sighs and unresponsiveness and even body language. 2) Knowing and hoping there are others out there doing acts of kindness for special people in their life makes me happy! I know the value of feeling special to someone and how it's not usually an occurrence that comes along as often as it should. So, knowing that there is someone who is being gifted the feeling of "I matter" is exciting for me! Because the opposite of feeling loved can be a lonely place. I don't want anyone to feel that way. The pain of that sort of depression still haunts me. Being able to think that feeling is being lifted or avoided by someone else gives me as much peace as the actual feeling does.

Day 1: Coming up with my act of kindness for day 1 was actually pretty easy. I have a professional acquaintance turned friend who has been volunteering his time to help me out with a big project. I was actually talking to him on Monday, conveniently, the fact that he deserved some extra gratitude was right in front of me. I made a stop on my way home from work, picked out a Thank-You card, wrote a personal message and stuck it in the mail. Took me only an extra 15 minutes and $3.50. But the sentiment behind it and the acknowledgement he'll feel is worth so much more!

Day 2: I decided to help out a close friend of mine who sales Rodan+Fields Skincare. As someone who is also in a sales position, I understand the struggle of getting the word out and finding potential clients. Every extra mention helps! But I also love the product, it makes it easy to share. They have this foaming self-tanner that is my most favorite! It's hard to find a good one and this stuff definitely rocks! (If you want to hear more about it and pictures, check out the Facebook posts or email me). Rodan+Fields has tons of other awesome products I want to try too but only because of my budget I haven't yet. I made a post on my social media with a personal review of the superb self tanner. She eventually saw the few posts I made and gave a genuine thank-you. I could tell it meant a lot to her because it has been a slow go for her lately. It may or may not pan out anything for her, but now she knows I care about her as a friend and her success. And if she does get some business out of it, that's icing on the cake!

             -Susie, Here's Your Reminder Creator

R+F tanner.jpg