waiting on Perfection

This first blog post is about 3 months over-due. My excuse, I've been waiting on perfection: the perfect timing, the perfect topic, the perfect words and inspiration. And no, perfection still hasn't happened. No great epiphany. It's just guts. Sucking it up and doing it. I sat for 5 minutes on just the title alone. Since you guys (hopefully) will be reading this, I felt it had to be perfect! Say the exact right thing and represent me and my feelings perfectly. At this point I started laughing (and maybe some watery eyes). Nothing about me is perfect, no where close. Calling all aspects of my life a hot mess would be putting it nicely. So from this point on, expect anxiety on "paper", if that makes sense to you. (If it does, then we'll get along just fine) My raw feelings and experiences will be placed here. Hopefully there will be at least one or two posts that will help inspire you to be a little kinder to yourself and to others. Embracing your cracks (I've been told that's how the light gets in). And rocking your imperfections (isn't that what adds character?)