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Know someone who has lost their smile and needs a reminder that there are people out there that care?  Nominate an individual or group for a "made to order" not so random act of kindness just for them! This pop of positivity and acknowledgement will lift their spirits in an effort to turn their frown upside down.

In your nomination, help us get to know your loved one(s) by giving us information on what's bringing them down, their struggle, their likes, and things that bring them joy.

We do ask for a donation with every nomination. The kindness of others is how we make the events happen. Donate whatever you can.


Help us help others! $10, $50, $100, $1000! Every little bit helps, but of course the more you donate, the more we can help others rebuild broken relationships and prevent/recover from depression. It is only through the collective efforts of many that we can provide for lasting change. 

Here’s Your Reminder is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation may be tax deductible.


nomination form:

Name *
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Name of Nominee *
Name of Nominee
Name of the person you'd like to nominate.
Donation required to submit nomination. The more you can donate the more we can do!
Any beneficial information including likes, circumstances, and ideas to make it special for them.

We will strive to help everyone. But please be aware, a nomination is not a guarantee, though trust us in saying we will make every effort to answer every nomination!