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join the movement

Give your time - If you can't give financially to HYR, consider donating your time, we can always use more smiling faces. Volunteer as an individual, group, or business. Who knows, maybe the person you inspire the most could be yourself!

Talent: we need yours. Consider adding your talent or passion to a worthy & local cause. You can help us grow and contribute to helping more people. This project survives on the kindness of others like you.

become a sponsor


As a past small business owner, I know the importance of community support. Let HYR help spread the word of your awesome business. Think of us as your new marketing team. What Can You Donate?  services, goods, even sponsor an event! We then will create a buzz about how awesome you are and post about you on all our social media while creating photo ops to put on your own social media. (Just think of all the possible tagging and sharing!) For example: - Acts of Kindness Sponsor or Co-Sponsor - Social Event/Fundraiser Sponsor - Kindness Bomb - Create a nomination challenge to find a worthy recipient of your services. For more information on how you can become involved in the Here's Your Reminder campaign, send us a message! We can give you info on upcoming events, sponsorships, and other ways you can get involved!

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