You can't be grumpy with a goat on your back!

These happy classes serve as a fundraiser for our non-profit. Proceeds from these great classes help us to carry on our mission. Thank-you for your support and kindness.

We aren't too proud to beg! We need funds! Please, please help us by donating $25.  We will even give you a cool Here's Your Reminder t-shirt! 

How does it effect your day when someone you know goes out of their way to do something special for you? It's pretty awesome, right?! To ensure your everyday people are living to their fullest potential of HAPPY, HYR thinks KINDNESS REMINDERS should be an everyday thing!

Everyday, do one act of intentional kindness towards someone in your life, reminding them they matter to you.

Inspire us! Post your act of kindness on our social media or e-mail us your experience. Use the hashtag #ReminderChallenge

need an inspiring speaker?

Are you needing an inspiring speaker to come to your group and deliver a touching message? Susie has a story to share, is an advocate for bringing awareness to depression & anxiety, and will have a discussion & ideas on kindness. Perfect for: work, church groups, support groups, networking groups or basically anywhere!

need a service?

Show love to our local business sponsors!

nominate someone!

Help someone who needs a smile!