We use the word "Intentional" meaning a deliberate act of kindness towards someone in your life. This is the whole inspiration and focus of the goal that Here's Your Reminder is determined to share & spread! Join us as Susie takes on this challenge for 100 days! She will post and blog along the way. Use her stories as inspiration in your own everyday life and to participate in the challenge. What we are hoping, praying and keeping our fingers crossed to happen? #ReminderChallenge will become a movement! Even if it's just in your own relationships, what a difference it will be for those touched by you and your extra effort to remind them you care. 

Share with us! We would love to see your contribution of kindness in your own world! Post your pictures, videos, stories and experiences, use the #ReminderChallenge We could use yours to inspire our followers even more! Plus it will keep Susie motivated and happy to hear others are having a positive experience too! The more who participates and share, the more it will catch on! Which means even more positive change will come!


How does it effect your day when someone you know goes out of their way to do something special for you? It's pretty awesome, right?! To ensure your everyday people are living to their fullest potential of HAPPY, HYR thinks KINDNESS REMINDERS should be an everyday thing!

Everyday, do one act of intentional kindness towards someone in your life, reminding them they matter to you. 

A Not-So-Random-Act-Of-Kindness, something that isn't expected. Feeling bold? Try two or more a day.

Acknowledge . Thank . Motivate . Surprise .

It can be as small as sending a "Thinking of You" text during the day or as big as a surprise act of service that has been weighing on their to-do list. It's up to, it all will be noticed and appreciated. The only key- Do it with no expectations. 

May sound so simple, but life will try to get in the way! Push through the chaos and get it done! For the mental and emotional sake of the ones you care about and to keep the foundation of your relationships strong. 

Do Your Part to Help Combat Depression and Prevent Broken Relationships Before It's Too Late. 

Inspire us! Post your act of kindness on our social media or e-mail us your experience. Use the hashtag #ReminderChallenge