Day 6: I saw this & thought "You gotta have it!"

April 8th

Day 6: I bought a "Saw this & thought of you" gift for a friend - This day was up in the air on what my intentional act of kindness was going to be. I had a full day planned (that wasn't work stuff, yay!) On Saturdays, I always make sure to do a fun activity with my 5 year old niece, Amelia. Because I had plans for the later part of the day, I made sure to get the time in with her first thing in the morning. We went out for our favorite, chocolate chip pancakes! I didn't count this as my act of kindness because the point of the challenge is to try to get you to do something that you wouldn't do otherwise. The activity isn't always what we do, but Amelia knows on Saturdays, her & Aunt Susie will do something fun together! So #ReminderChallenge or no challenge, this would've happened. Later in the day, I met up with a friend of mine (a friend I have a crush on :) to go to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. It was so cool! I had great company, the art exhibits was full of talent and I even ran into a significant person from my past. One of the booths I was checking out had coasters, mugs, etc. with pictures of iconic spots in the DFW area. Many of the sites brought back feelings of nostalgia, so I get why their products were really selling. As I was going through the many pictures, one stood out. Not because I liked it but because it reminded me of one of my best friends. This boy is obsessed with tacos, I mean obsessed! We are even in talks of doing a road trip to Austin (the taco capital of the U.S.) and only eat tacos for every meal. So when I saw the iconic wall in Austin that says "I Love You So Much" but the "You" was crossed out & "tacos" was inserted instead, I knew I had to get that for him. And since he's addicted to coffee, a coffee mug would go to good use. Can't wait to give it to him!